Highster Mobile iPad Features

Highster Mobile for iPad allows you to remotely monitor any iPad device from your cell phone, tablet or computer. The latest version for iPhone devices includes the ability to monitor text messages (even deleted text messages), Calls, GPS, Facebook and much more!

Highster Mobile is compatible with All iPads. Enjoy the power of our professional grade software made for the average consumer.

Supported Apple devices:iPad (all versions). All devices are supported in ALL countries.

Don't have a compatible device? If you do not see your device listed or, if you have a question about compatibility, you can contact our Helpdesk or give us a call at 866-611-9506.

Highster Mobile Features for iPad

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    SMS Log

    Text Messages Sent and Received

  • fea_Icon

    GPS Logs

    Fetch all GPS locations details

  • fea_Icon

    Email Log

    View Sent & Received Emails

  • fea_Icon

    Browser History Logs

    Browsing Details of Visited Websites

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    Photos Log

    See Photos viewed on the phone

  • fea_Icon

    Videos Log

    See videos viewed on the phone

  • fea_Icon

    Contact Detail Log

    View All Phone Contacts

  • fea_Icon

    Real-Time Tracking

    Track Real-Time Activities

  • Mobile monitoring

    You can monitor target phone from your mobile device.

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    Facebook Logs

    Track Facebook Activities

  • fea_Icon

    Skype Logs

    Track Skype Activities

  • fea_Icon

    Instagram Logs

    Track Instagram Activities

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    Remote Uninstall

    Uninstall Tracking Remotely

  • Lock Target phone

    Lock Target phone Activities

  • LineChat

    Track LineChat Activities

  • Calendar

    User Calendar Activities

  • WeChat

    Track WeChat Activities

  • Twitter

    Track Twitter Activities

Apple iOS System Requirements

Highster Mobile will monitor the following activities on an Apple Device:

Text messages iMessage GPS Location GPS History Browser history Call logs Emails Listen to surroundings WhatsApp messages WhatsApp images WhatsApp audio Photos Videos Device info

Verizon customers MUST subscribe the Verizons GPS service for the Highster Mobile GPS feature to report data to your User Control Panel. If you do nnot subscribe to the Verizon GPS service Highster Mobile cannot upload GPS data.

Highster Mobile is currently compatible with these and all other cell phone service providers world wide

***All iPhones, iPads and iPods MUST be jailbroken prior to installing Highster Mobile. You cannot download or install Highster Mobile if the iPhone is not jailbroken. Because there is no jailbreak for iOS versions 6.1.4 and 7.0 Highster Mobile CANNOT be installed to any Apple device currently running these iOS’s.

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